*A Study in Archaeo-Metalsmithing*

*Smelting Page*

This study originally began with a challenge to recreate a specific seax in the British Museum's collection:

The Seax of Beagnoth

The seax ( also known as the sax or scramasax, ) is a single edged blade in use throughout Northern Europe roughly corresponding to the Migration Era and entering into the Viking Age. The size ranges from several inches to full-length swords but is most commonly a long fighting / utility knife, similar in size and function to the American Bowie. It is for this knife that the Saxons are named, and by extension the Anglo-Saxons; a testament to its historical prevalence.

I have since broadened my concerns- I now mean to make a generalized study of the metallurgy inherent to the blades of the period. I will explore the construction of the Migration / Viking Age blade from the smelting process to its decoration, use and capabilities. I will create blades with historically accurate alloy content, physical construction and heat treatment. I will test them to see what various historical methods of construction and heat-treatment produce.

Project Outline

I. Academic / Historical research

A. Survey of available blades.

- General history including time frame & geography.
- Alloy contents.
- Types of construction.
- Types of heat-treatment.
- Types of adornment.

B. Survey of Processes involved in creating a period blade.

- Methods of obtaining / smelting ore.
- Methods of construction.
- Methods of heat-treatment.
- Methods of adorment.

II. Experiments & Exploration.

- Construct a period smelter & refine some typical alloys.
- Explore some typical constructions
- Explore typical heat-treatments.
- Explore typical adornments.
- Explore capabilities & methods of use.

Academic / Historical Research

Resources and Intended Bibliography

Viking Sword.com
Many good articles on the history of the sword with several good sections on seaxes.

Regia's Ironworking Page
Regia's informative page on Anglo-Saxon smelting & smithing.

Regia's Seax Page
Regia's page on Seaxes.

a href="http://www.hurstwic.org/history/articles/manufacturing/text/bog_iron.htm" target="_blank">Hurstwick's Iron Page
Hurstwick's iron page. Good description of bog iron.

University of Bradford.
Further info from University of Bradford with pictures of a very period smelter.

U. of Bradford.
The University of Bradford's excellent photo-essay on slightly later period smelt.

U. of Bradford
Evidence of consistent, high quality Saxon Steel production.

Modern Art-Smelters Lee Sauder and Skip Williams
Great modern studio-smelting resource.

Surveys, excavations and experiments in Tranemo, Sweden.
Probably very close to the smelter I will make...

Altantia's Metalsmithing Links
A great resource of links relating to historical metalsmithing.

Slag and Metallurgy for Historical Archaeologists.
VERY good archaeometallurgical bibliography.


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