-Viking Age Iron-

Built for various inquiries.

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In the meantime... on a smaller scale, a study into the making of steel from wrought iron. Old blades, filings and other materials can be used to make new, wrought steel... with perhaps an additional mystery to be resolved.

This small smelter is inspired by accounts from Aristotle, who mentions in passing that steel can be made from iron by such a process. Skip and Lee from Rockbridge Bloomery may be credited with working out the details. I suspect it may suit my purposes just fine... there are experiments and metallurgical testing which need to be done on a small scale with the wrought iron I will be producing.

A refinement on the smelter below is running much better, and I have averaged about 4 runs on the two previous Aristotle smelters. I have found that adding sand and charcoal filings to the clay adds significant reduction in cracking and longevity. We shall see how long.

A nice little steel bloom from some old filings... it sparks high carbon very nicely and compacted quite readily. It also shows some promising other qualities...

Thus did the Yule-Smith smelting by moonlight
hearken the cock-crow which echoed the call-
long lost in legend laid in lore lasting
of valorous Velent, eldest of all.

Late was the hour and long was the labor
when out of the womb-crock was born the bairn
nourished with nail-midden gnawed by need-fire.
Crowed Golden-comb when culled was the cairn!

Swift through the stream-fold sent he the egg,
Biding if back the birdling would come
with tidings of tell-tale tiniest tellings
Manifold musings: Re-making Mimung!

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